The skin around your stoma deserves advanced protection — the kind you get with the CeraPlus™ Line of Products from Hollister.

Enhance your pouching system’s performance and help to improve the quality of your life with Adapt™ Ostomy Accessories from Hollister.

Get back to doing the things you love with Coloplast’s Brava® Ostomy Accessories, designed to reduce leakage and protect your skin.

All SenSura® Mio Ostomy products are designed for comfort and discretion, with BodyFit Technology providing a secure fit for individual body shapes.

Vitus Ostomy Accessories help ostomates “Live Life Freely” and enjoy peace of mind with superior quality products at an affordable price.

At Trio Ostomy Care™, we believe everyone has the right to healthy skin. We create essential skincare products for healthy peristomal skin.


Mepilex® foam dressings from Mölnlycke are designed to conform and stay on. Their proven Safetac® Technology means less pain and trauma to the skin during changes.

BIAKŌS™ Antimicrobial products and HYCOL® HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN powder and gel are clinically proven and designed to improve patient outcomes with evidence based healing.

Fight to prevent exudate with Zetuvit Plus® superabsorbent dressings. These versatile dressings are indicated for a wide range of acute and chronic wounds.

ColActive® Plus collagen wound dressing facilitates natural wound healing, maintains wound pH levels, and lowers excess MMP activity. Available in Ag.

Activon 100% Manuka honey wound filler contains no additives, will de-bride and de-slough, eliminate odors and provide a moist wound healing environment for any type of wound.

Vashe Wound Solution helps to cleanse the wound and accomplish the goals of wound bed preparation in a biocompatible, safe, effective, and natural way.

Proximel® foam dressings, with a five-layer design, helps manage wounds easily, efficiently and with confidence.

Advazorb® foam dressing is a soft and conformable, low-adherent, hydrophilic, polyurethane foam dressing with a breathable film backing.

Eclypse Superabsorbent Dressings are a high capacity wound exudate management product designed to absorb fluid, reduce potential leaks and reduce risk of skin maceration.

Debrisoft® Pads are ideal for cleansing wound surfaces and removing hyperkeratotic or dry skin, while Debrisoft® Lolly safely reaches deep, undermined, or tunneling areas where alternative debridement methods may be impractical.


VaPro Plus Pocket™ catheters from Hollister provide 100% No Touch Protection with a protective tip and sleeve. With or without an integrated bag.

Coloplast’s SpeediCath® catheter family consists of a wide range of instantly ready-to-use catheters that offer safe and simple catheterization for users of both genders.

The Infyna Chic intermittent catheter from Hollister offers a unique combination of color, design, and discretion to help blend in with a woman’s life.

TruCath™ Intermittent Catheters are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use, featuring polished eyelets for smooth insertion and removal.

HR® Lubricating Jelly is widely used in hospital and physician’s offices and can be used for every procedure and/or application that requires a lubricant.

MTG brand catheters are 100% latex-free, pre-lubricated, closed catheterization systems, intended to protect and collect.


Incontinence products from Hartmann, featuring Molicare® and Dignity® brands, are sure to provide secure leakage protection, protect skin from irritation, and ensure total comfort.

Coloplast offers a full range of skin care products that cleanse, moisturize and protect across various patient populations. Featuring prominent brand names like Sween®, Critic Aid®, Bedside-Care®, and Baza®.

Calmoseptine® Ointment Moisture Barrier is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Incontinence-Related Skin Protectant. Used widely used to help protect the skin of both adults and children.

Omeza® is a skin health company on a mission to restore skin integrity for people with serious skin problems and to optimize skin quality for all. Their product line consists of Omeza Lidocaine Lavage, Omeza Skin Protectant, and Omeza Collagen Matrix (only available through a doctor).