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Skin care is often spoken about in terms of beauty or anti-aging. But the skin is the body’s largest organ, so its care and maintenance is also a medical issue. The Monks carry all the high-quality, medical-grade products you need to keep yourself in tip-top shape! From skin cleansers to moisturizers, from antifungals to skin protectants, the Monks have your epidermis covered!
Skin protectants in cream, foam, lotion, ointment, paste and powder solutions are applied directly onto the skin’s surface to help preserve the moisture barrier’s integrity and act as a shield against irritants.
Shop skin protectant favorites like Calmoseptine, Cavilon, Laniseptic and Baza.
Surgical prep is the process of cleansing the skin deeply to eliminate risks of infection from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes. It is an important step before any invasive procedure, like inserting a catheter, changing an ostomy pouch or dressing a wound.
Browse skin prep options such as rubbing alcohol, iodine and sodium chloride.
Dry, itchy skin can be uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Learn what causes dry skin and how to soothe it with the three main types of moisturizers: creams, lotions and oils.
The medical term for unusually dry skin is xerosis cutis. Symptoms include redness, itching, a tight feeling, flakes and fine cracks in the skin. Causes of dry skin include sun exposure, bathing or showering in very hot water, cold weather, medical conditions like eczema.
To manage dry skin, try moisturizing products from Sween, Resta, Eucerin and Amerigel.
Poor personal hygiene, including not washing hands and infrequent bathing, creates an environment for germs to thrive. In the interim, one’s body may develop a strong odor that repels others. But, more seriously, ignoring hygiene exposes others to infection risks. They then become carriers in their own home, workplace and other public settings.
Within healthcare, personal hygiene is part of patient care and essential for maintaining a safe, healthy medical environment. Between employees, patients and their loved ones, prioritizing personal hygiene reduces cross-contamination and the spread of contagious diseases.
To that end, shop hygiene products with Medical Monks, including hand soaps/sanitizers and shampoo/body wash.
Personal hygiene is crucial for all individuals. However, certain conditions or limitations pose challenges when an individual attempts to shower or take a bath.
Generally, skin cleansers begin with an antibacterial active ingredient and contain soothing agents, such as aloe. Formulas may be designed as a single-step solution for cleansing and moisturizing the area to avoid further skin breakdown. Other products, especially for patients with pressure ulcers, should be followed with additional agents for keeping the skin moist and protecting it against additional damage.
Rinse formulas are utilized like standard soap or body wash. A no-rinse cleanser, however, is designed to be applied to the skin and wiped away without water.
Topical, OTC antifungal agents work by either killing the yeast or dermatophyte or preventing it from reproducing.
OTC antifungal products utilize several formulas, including creams, sprays and powders. Certain antifungal products may include additional ingredients to address inflammation and irritation. Along with the active ingredients listed above, an OTC product may include hydrocortisone or another mild steroid.
Once applied, the antifungal solution works first by soothing the skin to reduce any burning or itching sensation. After a few uses, the product starts to lessen any cracking, scaling or peeling skin resulting from the fungus. Long term, antifungal products get rid of the fungus and prevent it from returning and irritating the area.