Compression Therapy

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Lack of blood flow can lead to severe complications that may affect your health. And people dealing with poor circulation are advised to start with compression therapy to improve the blood flow in their lower legs. Fortunately, Medical Monks offer various compression therapy products – from compression liners to stockings.
Who Can Use Compression Therapy Products?
Compression wraps, garments, systems, and stockings are used on the lower legs, ankles, and feet. Poor circulation can easily affect one’s quality of life, so it’s best to wear compression stockings to prevent complications. Individuals who can use it are athletes, those who stand all day, pregnant women, those who have limited mobility in their legs, and individuals with diabetes, varicose veins, and embolism.
How Do They Work?
Compression therapy is a treatment that can ease the swelling on your feet and ankles, keep the legs from feeling tired and achy, and treat spider and varicose veins. The stockings provide pressure that helps blood vessels work efficiently. Therefore, assisting the arteries to relax and bringing oxygen-rich blood back to your heart.
Choosing the Right Compression Level
The compression level of the stockings you choose is essential. It will highly depend on the type of condition you have.

Low Compression: These offer less than 20 mmHg and can be bought over the counter.
Medium Compression: These provide a tightness between 20 and 30 mmHg and applicable for those with varicose veins.
Moderate to High Compression: These have 30 and 40 mmHg and are for severe pain and swelling.
Firm Compression: These give 40 and 50 mmHg tightness and are used by those with a history of blood clots.

Find the Best Compression Stockings
Searching for a compression stocking can be a challenge, but Medical Monks have a variety of compression therapy supplies that you can choose from. These are from brands you know and trust, such as Mediusa and Amerx Health Care.