Ostomy Tapes & Adhesives

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Patients wearing an ostomy system shouldn’t have to worry about leaks or barrier detachment. Ostomy tape, strips and other adhesion products help keep the barrier in place by developing a waterproof seal against the skin. Once applied, the solution is gentle enough to prevent skin irritation during day-to-day wear.

How Ostomy Tape and Medical Adhesives Are Used

With several shapes and formulas available, ostomy tapes, strips and adhesives can be used with one- and two-piece systems. To cover the barrier and create a stronger seal, ostomy strips are designed to align with the plate’s surface but can also be applied in portions for a greater amount of hold.

In using ostomy tapes, strips and adhesives:

Ease of Application: Products may be applied directly to the skin or to the ostomy system’s barrier plate.

Barrier strips and tape offer flexible construction that won’t add pressure to your ostomy system, can accommodate fitting issues, offer ease of application and won’t irritate the surrounding skin.

Adaptable: If bulging or uneven skin, a fistula or a wound exists around the stoma, consider supplementing the tape or strips with paste, which acts as a filler for these areas.

If a paste is used, it should be applied around the ostomy system’s opening and shouldn’t be spread over the barrier plate’s backing. Instead, directions often specify adding beads to the surface.

Waterproof: If you plan to swim, engage in physical activity or take a shower with your ostomy system, tape or strips can be applied around the edges for a stronger hold and waterproof protection.

Shop Barrier Strips, Ostomy Tape and Adhesives

Ostomy systems accommodate a range of body shapes and conditions. Patients themselves have also found what works for them, particularly for at-home use. For a secure seal and straightforward application, shop barrier strips, tape, medical adhesives. Don’t forget about proper removal. Check out our removal sprays and wipes.