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The 2-Piece Ostomy Collection at Medical Monks brings you plenty of options. Choose the skin barriers and pouches that fit your condition and lifestyle, and save time and money with our wide selection, friendly customer care and membership benefits.

Is a 2-Piece Ostomy System Right for You?

A 2-piece ostomy system comprises a skin barrier – aka base plate or flange – that attaches to your stoma and a separate pouch that affixes to the barrier. The base plate generally stays in place for up to 5 days, and you replace the ostomy bag as needed. 2-piece systems work with colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies, and they’re generally preferable for those who change their ostomy bag frequently. Because you remove and replace the base plate less often in a 2-piece system, ostomy wearers with sensitive skin tend to prefer them. You’ll find many of the same options in a 2-piece system, like base plates with pre-cut or cut-to-fit stoma openings, with the added flexibility of pairing your preferred base with a variety of pouches. Choosing a 2-piece ostomy system over a 1-piece is entirely a personal decision, as both systems are equally effective. You may want to talk with your Wound, Ostomy and Continence nurse about which type is best for you.

Better Barriers

Our collection of 2-Piece Ostomy Systems includes the latest advances in skin-loving barriers. Hollister’s CeraPlus skin barriers actively work to protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier for better peristomal skin health. Infused with ceramide – a natural component of human skin that helps maintain moisture levels – these ostomy baseplates offer a more comfortable long-term experience. They work with all New Image pouches and are available with or without tape border in flat and convex styles with cut-to-fit or pre-sized stoma openings.

You’ll also find ostomy skin barriers in our collection with mechanical click or adhesive closures in sizes for adults, kids and babies.

Pouch Picks

One big advantage of a 2-piece ostomy system is the freedom to choose the pouch style that works for you. We’ve included both drainable and closed pouches in our collection with options like Velcro closures, filters, belt tabs or taps for bedside collection. You’ll find a wide variety of sizes and materials in our pouch selections, including clear and discreet cloth-like fabrics. We’ve also included ostomy kits that include everything you need for one pouch change to help acclimate and determine which configuration works best for your situation.