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Patients dealing with urinary incontinence due to various illnesses or conditions can live their lives without worries, thanks to the numerous incontinence products at Medical Monks. These products can absorb urine efficiently to give you a better quality of life every day.

Protection from Leaks

From lady pads to heavyweight underpads, you can find various incontinence supplies that provide comfortable fit and protection all day long. They are made from high-quality materials with features that offer maximum absorbency and comfort. With Medical Monks, you can find the right product for your specific needs.

Keep Your Skin Protected

Apart from pads, you can choose from a wide range of skin protectants that can moisturize your skin. Choose from brands like Coloplast, where you will find a wide range of skin barriers and moisturizers designed to protect you from chafing and rashes. These will help your skin repair from damages caused by using pads, especially for sensitive skin.

How to Use Incontinence Pads & Skin Protectants

Pads are worn to absorb the urine for individuals with problems with controlling their bladder. On the other hand, skin protectants are applied before wearing the pad for extra protection.


Pads are like diapers that are not bulky and come in different sizes. They can be easily worn inside your underwear and don’t hinder everyday activities. Some pads also have odor-eliminating capabilities.

Skin protectants

Start with a pea-sized amount on the palm of your hands and rub it on your palms. After that, apply in the affected area. It’s usually the last step before wearing incontinence pads.

Shop for Incontinence Products at Medical Monks

Are you waiting for your treatment to work or waiting for a diagnosis? Wear incontinence pads and skin barriers to help you manage your everyday life. And with different kinds of brands available, finding the best one is a priority. Also, remember proper cleaning with towelettes and cleansers. Shop at Medical Monks today!