Skin Care Accessories

Anyone can get sick anytime without any warning signs. So it’s essential to keep your hands and skin clean using alcohol or antibacterial hand sanitizers. You should also wash your hands before eating or touching your face. It can help reduce the risk of getting sick and spreading germs to other people.

Fortunately, you can find many skin accessories at Medical Monks that prioritize cleanliness.

Wash Basins for Patients

Some patients who have limited mobility or are bedridden have a hard time washing their hands. Sometimes, alcohol can also be harsh on their skin, especially for those sensitive to alcohol. Fortunately, wash basins and foot tubs are available for caregivers taking care of their patients. These are ideal for bedside care for those who have difficulty going to the bathroom.

Gentle Cloths for Sensitive Skin

Gentle washcloths are used to wipe the hands and feet of patients. These are hypoallergenic and safe for any type of skin. Normal washcloths can sometimes hurt an older person’s skin, especially if it has a rough texture. But these are designed to be gentle and can be used with soap, shampoo, and other cleaning products. Choose between Coloplast and Hartmann USA.

Dispensers & Pumps for Soap, Alcohol, or Hand Sanitizers

Dispensers are often seen in hospitals, comfort rooms, and many other facilities. These are usually attached to the wall and dispense soap, hand sanitizer, or alcohol. It has many benefits too.

  • Increased sanitation: In places where people come and go, having hand sanitizer dispensers is necessary to ensure that germs don’t spread.
  • Durable: Dispensers and pumps are durable and easy to maintain, so that you can use them for many years.
  • Economical: The product it dispenses is the same with each pump. Therefore, making it economical and preventing waste.

Fight Germs & Protect Your Skin with the Right Accessories

Protecting yourself and your family from germs is crucial to prevent sickness. Fortunately, different types of skin accessories available are an excellent start to maintaining sanitation and deterring the spread of these germs. Shop here at Medical Monks now.