Ostomy Accessories

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Ostomy accessories can simplify and enhance your life with a colostomy, urostomy or ileostomy. Designed to complement both one-piece and two-piece systems, accessories can help control odors, lend physical support and offer discretion for a better overall ostomy experience.

Odor Control

Controlling odor is a main concern for most ostomy wearers and their caregivers. Effective options include chewable tablets that work quickly against flatulence, odor-eliminating sprays and decrystallizers as well as other appliance cleaning agents. Also find absorbent gels and crystals for ileostomy pouches to help manage odors and make emptying easier in this selection. This inventory includes pouch filters, air vents and discreet disposal bags that are leakproof, odor-reducing and 100% opaque.

Active Support

It is possible to maintain a full, active lifestyle with an ostomy appliance. Ostomy accessories can help keep your ostomy pouch feeling secure while you walk, bicycle or engage in other activities. Ostomy belts are available in a variety of sizes and materials to accommodate adults and children with right- or left-side ostomies. Some styles offer additional support for the abdominal area, including hernia. Others are designed to work with ostomy pouches that include belt tabs, like the Hollister ostomy support belt that is adjustable, washable and latex free.

Discreet Coverage

Sometimes you want your ostomy to disappear. While it’s always there, ostomy pouch end covers in soft cotton-blend fabric help conceal wrinkles and noise under your clothes while creating a buffer against perspiration and chaffing. Stoma caps provide discreet coverage of your stoma when you need a shower cover, want to go for a swim or find yourself becoming intimate with a partner. Find latex-free, odor-controlling options that work with one-piece and two-piece urostomy systems or coverage solutions for sigmoid colostomy wearers who irrigate.

Other Ostomy Accessories

Choose ostomy accessories that make your experience more comfortable like adapters to connect a urostomy to a leg bag during the day and bedside collection bag at night. Specially designed scissors and cutting tools make customizing openings on one- or two-piece systems easier and more accurate. Drainable pouch clamps securely seal the bottom of ostomy pouches and colostomy irrigation bags without integrated seals.