Medical Monks carries a premium selection of home respiratory equipment. Regardless of the patient’s need or condition, the Monks have you covered with an extensive inventory of disposable breathing systems and accessories. These products are designed to treat short-term and long-term respiratory ailments and/or promote general lung health.
Shop respiratory products at Medical Monks for discounted pricing on leading brands, always obtained direct from the manufacturers. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing the Monks’ famous service and quick shipping are working for you.
Browse our full catalog of respiratory items from trusted manufacturers, including 3M, Cardinal Health, Teleflex, Salter Labs, Shiley, Medline and more. The Monks carry home respiratory equipment in the following categories:
Medical Monks is your number one source for tracheostomy supplies. Here you’ll find all products and accessories needed for tracheostomy care, including trach tubes, inner cannulas, tube holders, speaking valves, heat moisture exchangers and much more. You’ll also find tracheostomy suctioning supplies like suction catheters and suction canisters.
The Monks stock all major manufacturers of home tracheostomy equipment. Brands include Shiley, TRACOE, Airlife, Hudson RCI, Argyle, Provox, and many more.
Shop here for disposable parts and accessories related to portable oxygen concentrator machines. These include nasal cannulas and oxygen masks, as well as humidifier kits and a selection of adapters, connectors and tubing. You’ll also find pulse oximeters for checking blood-oxygen levels.
An important aspect of breathing therapy, humidification is sometimes necessary to avoid lung, throat and sinus irritation. Shop here for a selection of small humidifiers and accessories by Salter Labs, Teleflex, and Fisher&Paykel.
The Monks also stock parts and accessories for nebulizers. If you need help treating asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions, a nebulizer may be necessary. Medical Monks is your spot for great prices on nebulizer sets and nebulizer masks. We also have a wide selection of H20/Saline packs like Addipak Unit Dose Solution and AirLife Modudose Saline.
Shop for products to assist with therapeutic breathing exercises and accessories for respiratory machines like ventilators. These include systems to address fluid excretion, lung-expanding products like spirometers, and peak flow meters to assess breathing levels.
Keep yourself and others protected with the Monks’ selection of authentic medical-grade facemasks. We stock 3M’s N95 respirator models for maximum protection, as well as surgical masks for adults and children.
Here you will find products to support lifesaving resuscitation techniques, for both oral airways and nasal airways. These include CPR face shields, CPR rescue mask kits and resuscitator bags.
While Medical Monks does not sell the sleep-improving machines themselves, we do sell disposable CPAP machine attachments and CPAP accessories from brands such as Portex, FlexiFit and Opus. These include flex tubes, CPAP masks, replacement filters and humidification chambers.