Adapters, Connectors & Tubing

What is Respiratory Therapy?

Also called breathing therapy, respiratory therapy helps people with ongoing conditions like asthma, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) breathe easier. This type of therapy also helps patients recover from short-term illnesses like pneumonia, bronchitis or other infections.

Types of Respiratory Therapy

Depending on the diagnosed condition, respiratory therapy may include inhaling nebulized medications, using a humidifier, breathing with an oxygen tank or wearing a CPAP mask at night. Some extreme case may involve a tracheostomy, which is a surgical hole in the windpipe that bypasses the nose and mouth to supply oxygen directly to the lungs.

Respiratory Therapy Supplies

All respiratory therapy treatments require supplies. From masks and nebulizer cannisters to spirometers that measure lung capacity, different conditions call for various machines, equipment and supplies. People using oxygen tanks, nebulizers, CPAP machines and other devices need medical tubing, connectors and adapters for the best outcomes. Here is an overview of how these components can facilitate and enhance your respiratory therapy experience:

Tubing: Medical tubing is flexible and sturdy enough to maintain an open flow without kinking or chinking. Find latex-free smooth or corrugated tubing in various lengths designed for use with oxygen tanks, suction aspirators and other machines. Tubing may be packaged with or without connectors or adapters for specific uses.

Adapters: Tubing adapters make it possible to introduce medications into a breathing line, perform suction without disconnecting an oxygen tank or otherwise accommodate respiratory therapy procedures. Some adapters swivel to prevent tubing tangles while others include multiple branches or spring-loaded opening and closing features.

Connectors: To secure tubes to a mask or machine, tubing connectors may be necessary. Find swivel, straight and Y-shaped connectors as well as barbed options that prevent backflow and double-ended medical tubing connectors that join multiple tubes.