People who feel tired from lack of sleep due to waking themselves up every night can negatively impact their quality of life. One of the reasons can be attributed to sleep apnea, which can prevent you from sleeping peacefully every night. Once a healthcare provider diagnoses you with sleep apnea, you will need a CPAP machine to aid you in your sleep. Find accessories, masks, and humidifiers here at Medical Monks.

Improve Your Sleep

CPAP machines can help those with sleep apnea have a good night’s rest. They have to wear a CPAP mask, where the oxygen is delivered via a tube from the CPAP machine. There are a variety of styles for CPAP masks that suit your condition. But the most critical aspect is to ensure that you’re comfortable while you’re sleeping.

Prevent Dry Mouth

A CPAP humidifier prevents you from having a dry mouth caused by the CPAP machine. It’s a device that can release moisture from a small tank filled with distilled water to be mixed with the air you breathe from the CPAP machine. About 40% of people experience dry mouth, which can be annoying. So a humidifier is all you need.

How to Use CPAP Masks & Humidifiers

Using a CPAP mask and humidifier is essential to achieve comfortable sleep.

  • CPAP Masks: Before attaching them to your machine, it’s best to wear them without the tubes. Try lying down. After that, secure it to your face by pulling the straps to avoid knocking it off your face.
  • CPAP Humidifiers: These are devices where you add distilled water to the chamber or tank, which will be heated and turned into humidity. Both the pressurized air and the moisture will be delivered to your nasal passages while preventing dry and chapped lips and mouth.

Shop Your CPAP Supplies & Accessories Here

Living with sleep apnea doesn’t mean you won’t have an everyday life. It only affects you while you sleep, which is why a CPAP machine is essential. So if you need CPAP masks, accessories, or humidifiers, Medical Monks has a wide range of selections you can choose from.