Ostomy Irrigation

For certain patients with a stoma, colostomy irrigation is a method for emptying the colon at scheduled intervals, helping in turn with developing regular bowel movements. Patients don’t always need to wear a bag between irrigations.

How Colostomy Irrigation Works

Patients with a permanent or temporary colostomy have had their large intestine routed through a hole in the abdominal wall. A bag here helps collect the waste leaving the body.

During irrigation, water travels into the colon through the colostomy. This action causes the colon to empty its contents. For developing regular bowel movements, the patient is recommended to go through this process at least once a day or every other day.

After six to eight weeks, the colon gets used to the pattern, and waste is less likely to leak or spill in between irrigations. Long term, patients find that regular irrigation helps with lessening constipation.

Although colostomy irrigation can be done at home with the right care products, learning the technique often involves medical assistance.

After deciding to try colostomy irrigation, patients are advised to work with a medical professional to understand the tools and supplies, learn how to do it themselves and become used to the sensation.

Who Is Colostomy Irrigation For?

Colostomy irrigation and its respective supplies are ideal for certain patients with a permanent or temporary stoma:

  • The stoma is located in the descending or sigmoid area of the colon.
  • Prior to the procedure, you had regular bowel movements.
  • You have strong eyesight and dexterity.

Colostomy irrigation often is not ideal for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome or irregular bowels or certain physical limitations, such as palsy, paralysis, arthritis or a visual impairment.

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