Product Demo: Medihoney Paste & Medihoney Gel

Join Penny for a demonstration of MEDIHONEY® paste and gel!

Indigenous to New Zealand, active Leptospermum (or Manuka) honey has been shown to have unique wound healing properties, particularly a low pH and high osmolarity. Using this as the active ingredient, MEDIHONEY® Paste is a non-toxic dressing that can be used for wound bed preparation and for creating a moist environment during all stages of healing.

For treating wounds, MEDIHONEY® Paste:

• Delivers the consistency ideal for difficult-to-dress wounds, including undermining and tunnel wounds.
• Remains effective when exposed to tissue, blood and exudate to provide a moisture-balanced environment.
• Provides the healing properties to address stalling wounds and help them heal.
• Has a 3.5 to 4.5 pH to maintain a more acidic environment.
• Can be used in conjunction with negative wound pressure applications.
• Offers osmotic properties, which move fluid to the surface of the wound and slough off non-viable tissue to help the area heal.
• Uses a non-toxic, safe and latex-free formula.
• Allows for extended wear, if needed.

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