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Adapt No-Sting Skin Protective Wipes

Starting at: $6.29

Coloplast Prep Protective Skin Barrier Wipe

Starting at: $18.09
Trio Ostomy Care

Trio Elisse Sting-Free Skin Barrier Wipes

Starting at: $18.99

Brava Skin Cleanser Wipes

Starting at: $5.19

Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Wipe

Starting at: $19.59

Brava Skin Barrier Wipe

Starting at: $16.89

Marathon No-Sting Liquid Skin Protectant

Starting at: $7.79
Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew Skin Prep Wipes

Starting at: $6.89

Sensi-Care Sting-Free Skin Barrier Wipe


Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Foam – Wand

Starting at: $2.69

Allkare Protective Barrier Wipes

Starting at: $6.89
Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew Skin Prep No-Sting Wipes

Starting at: $21.69

Skin Tac Adhesive Barrier Wipe

Starting at: $13.19
Safe n' Simple

Safe n’ Simple No Sting Skin Barrier Film – Large

Starting at: $5.99
Safe n' Simple

Safe n’ Simple Skin Barrier Film

Starting at: $4.09

Sureprep No-Sting Skin Protectant Wipe

Starting at: $29.09

Repeat use of a barrier wafer can cause irritation to the peristomal skin. At the same time, leakage from the stoma not only increases the risk of barrier detachment but can also erode this area, heightening sensitivity and resulting in skin weeping. Ostomy barrier wipes provide a solution. Application creates a film on your skin that forms a barrier against ostomy fluid, adhesives and friction from daily wear, allows irritated, damaged skin to heal and improves barrier adhesion. Aside from wipes, ostomy barrier spray and powder serve a similar purpose.

Why Use Ostomy Barrier Wipes?
Output from your stoma can have a two-fold corrosive effect. Contact with the barrier can loosen the adhesive and, at the same time, irritate or erode the peristomal skin, resulting in a raw, sensitive sensation. Considering this, ostomy users look for barrier prep solutions like wipes, sprays and powder to protect this area, improve security and allow for more natural wear and movement.

Ostomy barrier wipes:
• Are easily applied to the skin.
• Are formulated with a solution that can be gently removed with soap and water.
• Improve barrier adhesion while protecting the skin beneath.
• Help extend the wear of your ostomy pouch by reducing detachment risks.
• Create a dependable seal that further protects the peristomal area from exposure to adhesives.
• Come in individually sealed pouches, a convenient option as you go about your day.

How to Use Barrier Wipes for Ostomy Systems

To use ostomy barrier wipes:
• Wash the peristomal skin with an oil-free, unscented soap, and wait for the area to completely dry.
• Remove the wipe from the pouch.
• Apply the wipe’s solution to your skin, creating an even layer around the stoma.
• Wait for the barrier prep solution to fully dry before applying the wafer and pouch.
• Take care when using wipes with an extended-wear barrier, as they can affect adhesion.
• If you continue to see redness, weeping, bumps or a rash, reach out to your doctor.


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