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Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath No Rinse Disposable Washcloths

Starting at: $2.29

Brava Skin Cleanser Wipes

Starting at: $5.29

Dynarex Benzalkonium Antiseptic Towelettes

Starting at: $0.29
Sold out
PDI Healthcare

Hygea Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic Towelettes (Discontinued)

Castile Soap Towelette
Sold out
PDI Healthcare

PDI Healthcare Castile Soap Towelette

Stryker Home Care

Stryker Sage Comfort Bath Washcloths with Fragrance – Pack of 8

Starting at: $3.49

Bedside-Care Gentle Touch Cloth

Starting at: $4.79

MoliCare Hypoallergenic Gentle Skin Washcloths

Starting at: $3.19

Dynarex Flush Away Flushable Wipes

Starting at: $2.69
Cardinal Health

Kendall Heavy White Washcloths

Starting at: $5.99

Dynarex Castile Soap Towelette

Starting at: $3.89

Dynarex Cleansing Towelettes

Starting at: $3.69
PDI Healthcare

Hygea Sterile Saline Wipes

Starting at: $6.79
First Quality

Prevail Adult Washcloths – Soft Pack – 96 Count

Starting at: $5.49
Cardinal Health

Kendall Versalon Washcloth

Starting at: $6.19

Wypall Washcloths

Starting at: $7.69

The body’s skin can be vulnerable, especially if you’re living with incontinence or an ostomy system. Cleansing wipes, towelettes and washcloths help remove fluids and other buildup without drying out the skin, or protect it against potential irritants.

Cleansing Wipes for Ostomy Care
The skin around the stoma is particularly delicate, susceptible to erosion from exposure to bodily fluids. Repeatedly removing and securing the barrier plate and adhesives can also irritate this area.

For these reasons, patients living with an ostomy system are steered toward various cleansing wipes to care for the peristomal skin. Wipes assist with removing adhesive residue as you change the pouching system and protect the peristomal area against exposure to caustic bodily fluids.

As a note, not every cleansing wipe is ideal for usage with an ostomy system and may, in fact, decrease its adhesion. Solutions with alcohol should also be avoided, as they can irritate the skin, and anything oil-based can cause the barrier to detach during wear.

Cleansing Wipes and Washcloths for Incontinence Care
Exposure to urine can result in skin breakdown, potentially causing ulcers to form or inviting dermatitis or diaper rash. Cleansing routines for incontinence care consider this factor and the skin’s vulnerability. In turn, cleansing wipes are key for protecting the area, and towelettes and washcloths assist with thoroughly removing all fluids from the perineal region.

Soap and water aren’t enough. Not only will they dry out and irritate this area, but you or a loved one may not be able to use a shower or tub. Offering a convenient, straightforward solution, incontinence cleansing wipes help remove any accumulation while soothing and protecting the skin.

Wipes include the following types:
Wet Wipes: Wet wipes allow for all-over cleaning, providing an efficient substitute to bathing, eliminating the need for soap and helping reduce potential urinary tract infections in the process. A disposable wipe with a washcloth consistency may further provide deodorizing and moisturizing properties.
Dry Wipes: Better for use on sensitive skin, this disposable solution simply needs to be wet with warm water to aid in removing bodily fluids from the skin.

Cleansing Wipes for Skin Preparation
Whether before inserting an IV or applying a barrier plate, cleansing wipes for skin preparation help remove any debris while creating a film. This coating can lessen potential friction and irritation while thoroughly cleansing the area to place a catheter, bandage or drainage tube.

Each wipe is individually packaged. Solutions are formulated with or without alcohol for use with sensitive skin.


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