Aspira Dressing Change Kit

Aspira Dressing Change Kit


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Manufacturer: C.R. Bard
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The Aspira® Drainage System assists with draining fluid from the pleural or peritoneal cavity. Using a tunneled catheter, its arrangement helps lessen symptoms related to malignant pleural effusion or malignant ascites.

Without using high pressure to divert the fluid, the Aspira® Drainage System employs consistent, low-level vacuum pressure to improve patient comfort. The Aspira® Dressing Kit includes all supplies for dressing the catheter and the exit site.


• One adhesive dressing
• Four gauze pads, 4 x 4 in.
• One pair of gloves
• Two split gauze pads, 4 x 4 in.
• One set of tape strips (three strips)
• Three 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes
• CSR Wrap

The Aspira® Dressing Kit is designed for single-patient use only, as using or re-sterilizing the system may compromise its structure and increase the risk of contamination. The steps for changing the dressing once per use or once per week, based on a doctor’s instruction, are as follows:

1. Remove the dressing, gauze and split catheter pad from the catheter.
2. Examine the exit site and the surrounding skin — redness, swelling or oozing fluid requires medical attention. In this instance, finish dressing the area and contact the patient’s doctor.
3. To change the dressing, first wash and dry your hands, and then put on the gloves, holding them from the cuffed end.
4. Open the CSR wrap to lay flat on a clean work area.
5. Clean the skin surrounding the exit site with an alcohol pad.
6. Place the split gauze or foam pad on the exit site’s skin.
7. Before inserting the catheter, place it pointing straight down in the direction of the patient’s waist, and add gauze over the top of the catheter.
8. In supporting the gauze, catheter, and split gauze or foam pad with one hand, add the clear dressing over the catheter and gauze. Before releasing, check to see that the dressing has fully adhered to the surrounding skin and then smooth out its edges.
9. Consider taping the catheter to the skin wherever it feels comfortable for the patient.

Product: 4991503


C.R. Bard

Kit Includes

Alcohol Prep Pads, CSR Wrap, Gauze, Gloves, Split Gauze, Tape Strips, Transparent Dressing


Each, Box of 5

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