Cutimed Sorbact WCL (Wound Contact Layer)

Cutimed Sorbact WCL (Wound Contact Layer)


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Manufacturer: BSN medical
Brand: Cutimed Sorbact
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Impregnated with a preservative-free proprietary hydrogel, the Cutimed Sorbact Wound Contact Layer (WCL) absorbs, holds onto and deactivates bacteria. As this action occurs, Cutimed Sorbact WCL dressings continue aiding the wound healing process by managing moisture and providing a degree of autolytic debridement to control and slough off necrotic tissue. A secondary dressing is required to keep Cutimed Sorbact WCL in place during wear.

How Do Cutimed Sorbact WCL Dressings Work?

Ready to use straight from the packaging, Cutimed Sorbact WCL dressings were formulated to help cleanse the wound, aid the healing process and guard against infection.

Using acetate fabric, each Cutimed Sorbact dressing has been formulated with DACC technology – a hydrogel alternative to chemical antibacterial solutions. Once applied, the dressing draws in bacteria, which are then manually lifted from the wound during removal. This process limits cellular damage while reducing the wound’s bioburden.

What Is DACC Technology?

Used across Cutimed Sorbact dressings and solutions, DACC (dialkylcarbamoylchloride) is a proprietary solution derived from fatty acids – an ingredient that naturally attracts bacteria. DACC coats the dressing’s fibers, which then trap and hold onto the bacteria until it’s physically removed from the wound.

For Cutimed Sorbact WCL dressings, DACC technology:

  • Provides a more natural rather than chemical-based infection control solution that preserves the cellular wall.
  • Deactivates bacteria to prevent them from reproducing and releasing toxins.
  • Allows wounds to heal up to 40% faster compared to standard silver dressings.
  • Attracts and binds up to 100,000 bacteria per square centimeter within 30 seconds, including VRE and MRSA.
  • Provides hydrophobic interaction for attracting and holding onto bacteria.
  • Helps lessen a potential inflammatory response from the body, which is known to delay wound healing.

Uses for Cutimed Sorbact WCL Dressings

Cutimed Sorbact WCL dressings assist with treating various chronic wounds, including:

  • Venous ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Diabetic and pressure ulcers
  • Post-operative dehisced wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Post-excision fistulas and abscesses
  • Dermal fungal infections.


Do not use in combination with ointments and creams.

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BSN medical


Cutimed Sorbact

Contains Silver


Pad Size

2" x 3", 4" x 4", 4" x 5", 4" x 8", 6" x 6", 8" x 8"

Includes Border

No Border


Postoperative Dehisced Wounds, Traumatic Wounds, Ulcers


Individual Dressing, Box of 10

Billing Supported

Yes on sizes less than 8"x8"


A6206, A6207, A6208

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