Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment

Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment


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Manufacturer: H&H Labroatories
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Soothe red, irritated skin with Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment, designed to create a protective barrier while delivering a calming effect. Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment’s adaptable formula can be applied to a number of conditions, from diaper rash to poison ivy.

Benefits of Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment
Aligning with U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention standards, Gentell offers an easily applied solution to lessen redness and irritation using 20% zinc oxide. This formula:

• Soothes and assists with healing irritating conditions, like diaper rash.
• Creates a protective barrier against wetness, preventing worsening irritation and skin damage.
• Offers an anti-inflammatory formula that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.
• Helps dry out poison ivy, oak and sumac.

How to Use Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment
To apply Gentell Zinc Oxide Ointment, first clean and dry the affected area. Then, fully cover the skin, and use it as frequently as necessary until the area heals. Discontinue if the condition doesn’t improve within seven days.

Product: GEN-23400


H&H Labroatories


16 fl. oz. (473ml)

Active Component

Zinc Oxide


Each, Box of 12

Billing Supported


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