Polymem Non-Adhesive Foam Pad

Polymem Non-Adhesive Foam Pad


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Manufacturer: Ferris Mfg.
Brand: PolyMem
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PolyMem non-adhesive dressings create an ideal healing environment that simultaneously lessens pain and inflammation. To achieve this, hydrophilic polyurethane delivers a mild wound cleaner and hydrating moisturizer, while a semi-permeable film backing holds onto a high amount of exudate.

This non-adhesive solution can be cut to size and even used tapeless as a combined primary and secondary dressing or as a secondary dressing alone.

How PolyMem Foam Dressings Work
PolyMem dressings help create an ideal wound healing environment through a patented formula designed to minimize pain during wear and removal.

Each dressing starts with a hydrophilic polyurethane matrix to absorb and trap exudate. For aiding the debridement and healing process, each dressing is equipped with a wound cleanser, moisturizer and semi-permeable backing also designed to hold onto fluid.

Through this combination, all PolyMem dressings debride and cleanse the wound as they absorb fluid to help control infection and simultaneously target inflammation. As a result, the dressings provide autolytic debridement, lessening the need for manual methods, and allow for gentler changes once the material is saturated.

PolyMem non-adherent foam dressings:

Offer two-way healing: PolyMem dressings absorb exudate while debriding the wound bed and delivering nutrition and growth factors directly to the wound. In the process, the dressing assists with lessening inflammation and subsequent pain.

Won’t adhere to the wound bed: Infused with moisturizer, PolyMem dressings won’t stick to the skin during removal. At the same time, the integrated wound cleanser eliminates the need to separately clean the wound bed during changes.

Uses for PolyMem Non-Adherent Foam Dressings
PolyMem foam dressings are designed for use with dry to heavy-draining wounds, including:

• Abrasions
• Chronic and acute wounds
• Bruises
• Pressure ulcers
• First- and second-degree burns
• Donor and skin graft sites
• Full- and partial-thickness wounds
• Road rash
• Skin tears
• Surgical wounds
• Infected wounds
• Deep tissue injuries
• Venous ulcers
• Venous dermatitis
• Wounds from trauma

PolyMem Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing Sizes
• 1.8″ x 1.8″
• 3″ x 3″
• 4″ x 4″
• 5″ x 5
• 6.5″ x 7.5”
• 4″ x 12.5″

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Ferris Mfg.



Contains Silver


Pad Size

1.8" x 1.8", 3" x 3", 4" x 4", 4" x 12.5", 5" x 5", 6.5" x 7.5"



Includes Border

No Border


Latex Free




Individual Dressing, Box of 12, Box of 15, Box of 20, Case of 30, Case of 60, Case of 100

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A6209, A6210

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