Polymem WIC Cavity Filler

Polymem WIC Cavity Filler


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Manufacturer: Ferris Mfg.
Brand: PolyMem
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PolyMem WIC Cavity Wound Filler Features
Fast Super Absorbent Wicking:
– Quickly absorbs and holds up to 10 times weight
– Facilitates management of cavity wounds
– Expands up to one-third as wound fluid is absorbed
– Should be cut one-third smaller than the wound, because it will expand when it absorbs wound exudates
– Soft and pliable, conforming to wound shape

– Will not stick to the wound bed while maintaining the integrity of healing tissue
– Will not dehydrate wound bed
– Easy, pain-free application and removal
– Use any of the other appropriate PolyMem or Shapes by PolyMem configurations as a secondary dressing to cover the wound filler

Continuous Cleansing:
– Reduces the need to cleanse wound bed during dressing changes
– Minimizes pain and disruption of newly forming tissues often associated with wound bed cleansing

Moisture Balancing:
– Polymeric membrane establishes and maintains a clean and moisturized wound bed
– Moisture-balancing actions of the PolyMem WIC cavity wound filler are able to absorb impressive amounts of moisture and deliver moisture as demanded by the exposed tissues in the wound

Wide Range of Application:
– Perforated for ease of use and can be cut to size
– Will donate moisture or absorb exudate, depending on the condition of the wound bed and fluid level in the dressing
– Relieves wound pain and reduces the spread of inflammation into surrounding uninjured tissues without interfering with the robust localized inflammatory response required for healing
– Clinician can add sterile water or saline to make the dressing a faster moisture donor or can allow the dressing to draw fluid to the site as it absorbs fluid into it
– Used on wounds with shallow depths in combination with other secondary dressings in order to increase absorption
– Helps relieve wound pain and improve comfort

Cost Effective:
– Saves time and supplies by usually eliminating the need to cleanse the wound bed during dressing changes
– Dressing changes are easy – remove old PolyMem WIC cavity filler dressing and apply new
– Removes intact – no flushing or rinsing of debris is usually necessary
– Saves time and money by often reducing the number of dressing changes while extending the time between changes

PolyMem dressings can effectively replace common categories of cavity dressings, which include:
– Alginates
– Hydrogels
– Foams
– Gauze


Ferris Mfg.



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1" x 3", 3" x 3", 3" x 12", 8" x 8"


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