Urocare Reusable Latex Urinary Bags

Urocare Reusable Latex Urinary Bags


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Manufacturer: Urocare
Brand: Urocare
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Urocare® is the sole manufacturer of reusable latex leg bags, disposable vinyl leg bags and urinary drainage systems that incorporate the full advantages of our famous, patented high-flow anti-reflux valve.

New high-flow, self-cleaning, patented anti-reflux valve which prevents back-flow while allowing fast, uninterrupted drainage for problem-free use. Don’t settle for urine reflux or back-pressure caused by inferior flutter valves. Nothing beats Urocare’s new high-flow Little Red Valve for performance, reliability and safety.

A durable, seamless, latex body combined with an obstruction-free anti-reflux valve makes Urocare® latex leg bags the preferred choice for security and quality.

We don’t give odor a chance! We added a special new odor control barrier to the inside & outside of our latex leg bags for double odor protection.

This special odor barrier makes Urocare’s leg bags virtually ODOR-FREE, not just odor-resistant; thereby preventing embarrassing odors before they start.

Urocare has been committed to providing safe, effective and reliable health care products since 1975. The new features of our popular reusable latex leg bags provide greater performance and confidence than ever before. Isn’t that what it’s all about— being confident and worry-free so that you can spend your time doing what you like doing most?

You deserve only the best when it comes to your health and dignity—choose a family of reusable latex leg bags that you can trust completely—choose an original UROCARE leg bag.





Kit Options Bag Included

Straps, Bag

Product Details

Small – 9OZ, Sport-Right(Small) – 10OZ, Sport-Left(Small) – 10OZ, Sport-Right(Large) – 16OZ, Sport-Left(Large) – 16OZ, Medium – 18OZ, Short-Wide – 26OZ, Long-Slim – 26OZ, Large – 32OZ, Large-Oval – 32OZ, Extra-Large – 44OZ

Leg Bag Volume

9 OZ, 10 OZ, 16 OZ, 18 OZ, 26 OZ, 32 OZ, 44 OZ

Drain Type

Twist Valve

Leg Bag Latex

Contains Latex

Leg Bag Sterile


Strap Material


Strap Latex

Contains Latex



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