Omeza® Lidocaine Lavage

Pain and Itch Relief Oil

Omeza® Lidocaine Lavage is a topical analgesic periwound prep designed to help manage debris and reduce irritation.

Omeza® Skin Protectant

Nutrient rich skin strengthening gel

Omeza® Skin Protectant is designed to help strengthen fragile skin, reduce inflammation, and promote remodeling when used daily on intact skin.

Omeza® is a skin health company on a mission to restore skin integrity for people with serious skin problems and to optimize skin quality for all.

All Omeza® products contain an anhydrous (waterless) formulation of Omega-3, -6, and -9 oils designed to deliver nutrients for balanced wound healing. Omegas are known to reduce inflammation, increase proliferation and support remodeling.

Omeza’s product line consists of Omeza Lidocaine Lavage, Omeza Skin Protectant, and Omeza Collagen Matrix (only available through a doctor).

If you have a wound that is not healing in a timely manner, ask your doctor if our prescription grade Omeza® Collagen Matrix may be right for you.

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