Hartmann Partnership Announcement

Medical Monks is thrilled to announce a new partnership with HARTMANN USA. The addition of their extraordinary product line to our virtual shelves furthers our commitment to bringing customers premier medical goods at exceptionally affordable prices. 

As the American arm of the international HARTMANN GROUP, HARTMANN USA is both the steward of a 200-year legacy and a consistent developer of thoroughly modern products. In the always-evolving fields of wound and incontinence care, no other manufacturer can claim HARTMANN’s combination of deep heritage and agile innovation. 

Medical Monks and HARTMANN share the same mission: to serve our customers with compassionate care and to provide high-quality products that improve health outcomes.  

With this partnership, we’re proud to fully stock HARTMANN’s MoliCare line of incontinence management products, including disposable underpads, protective underwear and bladder control pads. These are leak-proof and extremely absorbent, providing a genuine sense of security and improving quality of life. Additionally, MoliCare products feature Active Skin Management technology, which research has shown creates a significant reduction in skin pH levels compared to the industry standard, greatly reducing the risk of skin damage and breakdown.

HARTMANN provides a comprehensive advanced wound care portfolio that makes it easy to choose the right product to address healing needs In, On, and Around the Wound

  • In the Wound, ColActive Plus is a premium collagen dressing that is shown to help chronic or stalled wounds heal faster, saving time and money.
  • On the Wound, Zetuvit Plus and Proximel, which are both high-performing dressings with multi-layer designs, provide great absorbency and come with an optional silicone adhesive border.
  • Around the Wound, TwoPress 2 is a 2-layer compression system that applies easily, provides consistent compression, and superior comfort.

We’re delighted that our customers will now benefit from HARTMANN’s dedication to innovative medical solutions. The Monks’ famous low-price guarantee means these items will be available at a value unparalleled in the online marketplace. Great products and affordability, like this new partnership, is a combination that can’t be beat.

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