Product Demo: Shower Protection Covers

Join the Monks for another product demo video! Today Nikki is exploring shower protection covers, namely Shower Shield Water Barrier Cover, and AnchorDry Water Resistant Barrier.

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Shower protection covers allow folks to bathe comfortably and conveniently who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. These include people with major wounds or who have any type of wound bandage or dressing. Also people wearing ostomy pouches, or who have picc lines or foley catheters. They can also be used to protect new tattoos as they’re healing.

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To apply, simply line up the shower cover around the area or device you’re protecting, and smooth the adhesive border from top to bottom, removing the paper backing as you go. To remove, carefully peel back from the edges. Shower protection covers are one-time-use only.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, prepare to be enlightened:

How do I keep my bandage dry in the shower?

Can I get my dressing wet?

Should I shower after surgery?

Can I keep clean with a medical device?

How do I shower with an ostomy?

Is there a waterproof dressing cover?

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