AnchorDry Water Resistant Barrier

AnchorDry Water Resistant Barrier


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Manufacturer: iMed Technology
Brand: AnchorDry
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AnchorDry™ Water resistant barrier is designed as a single use product to keep your surgical site clean and dry while showering. AnchorDry™ improves infection control practice, reduces costly unscheduled dressing changes, and provides patients with increased confidence and comfort while showering.

Use water resistant barrier for:
• PICC & Midline Catheters
• Accessed Port-a-Caths
• IJ Catheters
• Dialysis catheters
• Other Central Venous Catheters
• Knee & Hip Incisions
• Stomas
• Surgical Dressings
• Surgical Sites & Incisions
• Ostomies

Easy Steps to Apply:
1) Prepare site according to facility protocol. Be sure you have the proper size AnchorDry to cover site that you want to prevent from getting wet. The AnchorDry dressing should extend beyond the IV dressing.

2) Apply AnchorDry to clean dry skin. Lotion may inhibit the adhesive qualities of AnchorDry. Before application, dog ear the adhesive backing at the 4 corners shown to the right.

3) Remove top adhesive backing and adhere to skin.

4) Remove one side of the adhesive backing and adhere to skin. Repeat process on opposite side.

5) Remove the bottom adhesive backing and adhere to skin.

6) Pinch together the gap and rotate back and forth to improve the seal as it adheres to the skin. The adhesive may be used to seal around any tubing.

7) Smooth outer border using firm pressure to ensure a proper seal.

8) After showering, carefully remove AnchorDry in the direction of hair growth and dispose of accordingly.

• Discontinue use if patient has an adverse reaction to or irritation from the product.
• AnchorDry should be routinely inspected during showering.
• Discard if packaging is opened or damaged.
• One time use.
• Dispose of accordingly after use.
• Latex-Free.


iMed Technology



Pad Size

5" x 5", 7" x 7", 9" x 9", 10" x 12"


Latex Free

Contains Silver



Pack of 7, Box of 98

Billing Supported

Yes on sizes less than 8 inches

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