STATLOCK Adult Foley Stabilization Device

STATLOCK Adult Foley Stabilization Device


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Manufacturer: C.R. Bard
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StatLock® Stabilization Devices are an upgrade to traditional tape attachments for Foley catheters and medical tubing with the goal of improving efficiency, clinical care and patient outcomes.

How the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device Works

The StatLock® Stabilization Device offers a strap-free arrangement for holding and stabilizing a Foley catheter. Its presence and security reduce the incidence of sudden pulls, improving patient comfort and decreasing pain and trauma in the process.

The StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device fits both latex 8-22 Fr. and silicone 8-26 Fr. tubing.

Easily stays in place: The StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device remains in place without the use of a leg strap, utilizing a latex-free anchor pad and retainer that attach to the skin.

Less Invasive and Ease of Application: This OSHA-recommended solution is less invasive (as sutures aren’t involved), reduces irritation, provides a degree of breathability and allows for patient application without medical assistance.

Full Flexibility: Once in place, the stabilization device offers 360 degrees of flexibility, allowing the patient to naturally move without the risk of detachment or additional migration.

Hygienic: The StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device ensures more hygienic catheter placement, keeping it away from areas of the body that could result in bacterial contamination. The included clip allows the catheter to be secured or moved away and replaced.

Comfortable: The security offered by the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device eliminates the need to wear an elastic strap around the thigh, which can either slip down and cause the catheter to detach or constrict blood flow.

Convenient: Each StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device is designed to be worn for up to seven days and can be changed with the patient’s leg bag. A single stabilization device further accommodates multiple catheter sizes.

Using the StatLock® Foley Catheter Stabilization Device

Lift the wing-like shape of the retainer.

Slide the catheter through and fold the flaps over the tubing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device when I wash? 

The pad is made of a tricot polyester and is moisture resistant. If you are having a quick shower, then the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device should dry very quickly after — however, for prolonged showers and baths, it is recommended that you cover the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device with a plastic wrap (e.g., cling film or waterproof dressing).

When do I need to change my StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device? 

You can wear your StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device for up to seven days, after which it needs to be replaced with a new device. It is recommended that you regularly change the site on the leg or abdomen where the device is placed in order to prevent skin irritation.

Do I need to shave my leg? 

There is no need to shave the area where you are placing the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device. Where necessary, you can clip the hair shorter and/or lay the hair down in the direction it grows using both the skin protectant pads provided. Proper use of the skin protectant often prevents the need for trimming, unless hair growth is excessive.

Is the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device appropriate for all patients? 

The device is appropriate for the majority of patients. The StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device has similar properties to other adhesive products. Common situations in which to avoid adhesive placement include severe oedema, ascites, burns, open wounds, sloughing skin, etc. The device should never be placed on patients with a known tape or adhesive allergy.

Can the StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device be used with both Suprapubic and Urethral catheters? 

Yes. The StatLock® Foley Stabilization Device can be used with suprapubic and urethral catheters. The device can be applied to the leg for urethral catheters and to the abdomen or the leg for suprapubic catheters.

Product: FOL0101
Product: FOL0100
Product: FOL0105
Product: FOL0102

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Additional Features

FOL0101 – with Foam Anchor Pad for Latex Catheters, FOL0100 – with Foam Anchor Pad for Silicone Catheters, FOL0105 – with Tricot Anchor Pad for 3-Way Catheters, FOL0102 – with Tricot Anchor Pad for Silicone Catheters


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