Best Ostomy Bags for Sensitive Skin

If you just started using an ostomy pouch, chances are you’re still looking for the best bag to suit your needs – and that’s especially true if you have sensitive skin! Everyone’s body is different, but luckily there are a variety of appliances designed with even the most sensitive skin in mind. From lightweight materials to unique adhesive formulas, plenty of options in today’s market will suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Due to overflowing brand choices, looking for the best ostomy bags for sensitive skin can be challenging. Fortunately, they have adapted and found a way to keep you comfortable living with a stoma.

Top Pouches for Sensitive Skin

If you want the best stoma bag for sensitive skin, below are the most popular ones that many ostomates currently use.

Premier Soft Convex One-Piece Pouch 

This Hollister Premier Soft Convex One-Piece Pouch is cut-to-fit and drainable with the useful AF300 filter, which helps deodorize the pouch to prevent unpleasant smells. Furthermore, it has a Lock ‘n Roll micro seal in the form of interlocking fasteners for a more secure seal.

ComfortWear panels are designed to be incredibly gentle for sensitive skin, preventing any irritation around the stoma. Plus, its cut-to-fit design makes it customizable and ensures a secure fit.

Other features:

  • Cut-to-fit for customization
  • The Flextend barrier offers a flap for better visibility and secure tape for a more durable construction while conforming to the body
  • Belt tabs to secure the ostomy bag in place

SenSura Mio MAXI One-Piece Drainable Pouch with Filter

Coloplast’s SenSura Mio One-Piece Maxi Drainable Pouch has an EasiClose WIDE Outlet, allowing faster and more accessible emptying and cleaning. 

On the barrier plate, the innovative adhesive added to SenSura Mio one-piece pouches accommodates your body’s shape and movements. This results in a more natural rather than restrictive feel without compromising security. During wear, the adhesive extends and retracts, stretching with your body to behave like skin.

Other features:

  • The integrated filter can manage odors and prevent ballooning
  • Integrated Velcro® closure can secure the system away without using a clamp or clip
  • Made of a gray textile material that’s less visible underneath clothing and feels more natural against the skin.

CeraPlus Flat One-Piece Pouch

Hollister’s CeraPlus one-piece pouch is drainable, has a filter, micro seal closure, and extended wear barrier is the perfect choice for sensitive skin, especially around the peristomal area. Its CeraPlus skin barrier is equipped with Remois technology. The technology features a new formulation that protects the skin’s moisture barrier.

The ceramide-infused barrier works with the skin’s natural properties to improve hydration. Furthermore, it prevents damage, corrosion, and transepidermal water loss.

Other features: 

  • Pouch-to-barrier connection for more flexibility
  • Ideal for ostomates who change the pouch with a barrier
  • Taped border for a more secure hold

Some Tips to Prevent Irritation Around the Stoma

If you recently got an ostomy bag, you may be wondering how to prevent skin irritation around stoma. Irritation is common among ostomates, so knowing the proper skin care to avoid any skin issues around the stoma is essential.

Here are some valuable tips:

  • Choose a bag with the correct size opening to prevent leaks
  • Wash your skin with warm water and allow to dry fully before attaching the pouch
  • Avoid products with alcohol to prevent dryness
  • Don’t use products with oil because it can make it more difficult for the pouch to attach

Choose the Best Stoma Bags to Prevent Skin Irritations

If your skin is prone to irritation, you will want to provide more protection to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day. Fortunately, there are ostomy bags that can prevent skin irritations around your stoma.

There are one-piece and two-piece systems available, depending on your preference. And both of these options are available at Medical Monks. With our numerous selections, you will find the best one to support your sensitive skin.

The MEDICAL MONKS STAFF brings to the table decades of combined knowledge and experience in the medical products industry.

Edited for content by ADAM PAGE.

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