Demo: Treating Skin Tears with Mepitel ONE Wound Contact Layer from Molnlycke

Join Nikki for another great product demo from Medical Monks!

Mepitel One is a wound contact layer that minimizes pain and trauma during dressing changes. It also features SafeTac Technology, which allows cost effective and undisturbed wound healing for up to 14 days. it conforms well to body contours and stays in place very well.

All of these attributes lead it to be a perfect dressing for skin tears.

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Skin tears are among the most dreaded wound care complications. Often caused by medical adhesive (tape) removal, they can lead to infection, scarring and, most of all, very acute pain. Whether in a facility or home care situation, the preeminent concern should be preventing skin tears at all costs.

Unfortunately there are times where precautions fall short, and skin tears occur. What then? For patients and/or caretakers, it is important to treat these injuries properly.

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