Hollister’s KARAYA Ostomy Bags DISCONTINUED

Join Penny for a discussion of a major development for users of KARAYA ostomy pouches. Hollister has recently announced that this long-running line is being discontinued, effective 12/31/2023.

Per their website: “Due to challenges with the availability of key materials, Karaya pouching systems will no longer be available after the supply has run out. We realize that having to say goodbye to a product you’ve come to know and trust can be disruptive.”  Read more >>

We’ve been told Hollister will not be producing any further Karaya pouches, which means that the current supply is all that’s left. This means that sooner, rather than later, longtime users will need to switch into an alternative ostomy system. Luckily for Medical Monks viewers, we’ve got something in mind. Namely Hollister’s new CeraPlus line of products.

Check out the Monks’ CeraPlus video >> 

The CeraPlus skin barrier utilizes Remois technology* and natural ceramides. This combination ensures a secure, reliable hold and keeps the surrounding peristomal skin moisturized to protect against damage, irritation and erosion.

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