Why Does My Ostomy Bag Keep Leaking?

Leaking stoma bags can be incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable. There are several causes for a leaking bag, so it’s important to determine the source of the problem before attempting any solutions. Here are some of them:

Poor fit

A poor fit is one of the most common causes. It’s important to get your stoma bag correctly fitted as soon as you have it installed and to check that it still fits properly after its in place. If your stoma has changed size or shape, you may need to get a different-sized bag or an adjustable one. 

Worn-down skin

Another factor that can cause your stoma bag to leak is thinned out skin around the area. This can be caused by over-cleansing, using too hot or cold water when washing the site, or even just not cleansing it enough and allowing bacteria to build up. Taking care of your skin will help ensure that the protective seal between your skin and the stoma bag is not compromised. 

Unfamiliar appliance

If you have recently changed the type of stoma bag or have just started using a new brand, it may take some time to get used to it and find the best way to fit and stay secure. If this is the case, it’s worth talking to your healthcare provider, who can advise on how best to use and secure your stoma bag. 

Overall, there could be several reasons why your ostomy won’t stop leaking. Still, by ensuring it’s fitted properly and taking care of the skin around your stoma area, you should be able to reduce the risk of further leaks. If you still have problems, contact your healthcare provider, who can provide more advice and help.  

What to Do if Your Ostomy Bag Does Leak 

If your ostomy bag leaks, taking quick and appropriate action is important.  First off, if the leaking is causing skin irritation or infection, be sure to consult your doctor right away. For mild-to-moderate leakage that doesn’t include skin damage, here are some steps you can take:

Change the pouch immediately

Even if you recently changed it, take your next pouch change. If possible, use an absorbent material like gauze under the new pouch to protect against leaks while you wait for the adhesive seal to set. 

Check for faulty seals

You want your ostomy bag to have a good seal without gaps or holes. If there are any, gently move the bag slightly to see if it causes a leak. If that fails, check with your doctor or stoma care nurse for advice on getting the right seal for your pouch. 

Clean up the mess

Ostomy bags tend to leak when they become overfull, so if something spills out, clean it up and dry the area thoroughly before putting on a new pouch. 

Tips to Avoid Future Ostomy Bag Leaks 

Here are some tips to avoid future ostomy bag leaks: 

  1. Avoid using a regular belt with your ostomy pouch, which can cause leaks. Use an adjustable belt designed specifically for ostomy pouches to help keep the pouch snug against your skin and prevent any leakage. 
  2. Make sure to empty your pouch often. Depending on the type of stool you produce, it may be necessary to empty it several times throughout the day or once a day if there is little output. Never wait until the bag is full, as this could cause discomfort and even possible bag leaks from overfilling.
  3. Change your ostomy appliance regularly – typically every 4-7 days, depending on what kind of ostomy pouch you’re using and how active you are. Changing the bag even if there are no signs of leakage is important, as a worn pouch could be more prone to leaks.
  4. Ensure your ostomy wafer is sealed correctly and not too tight or too loose against your skin – this can help reduce any risk of leakage around the edges of the wafer and keep the appliance securely in place.
  5. Check for possible blockages or kinks in your ostomy pouch’s tubing to ensure everything flows through regularly. If you notice any blockages, you should replace the tube immediately to avoid any potential problems with leaking.
  6. Use accessories such as extenders to help keep your ostomy pouch secure and reduce the risk of any leaks. These can also help keep your ostomy bag close to your body, making it easier to monitor and change when needed.
  7. Finally, make sure you have all the supplies you need on hand so that you are always prepared to replace or repair any part of your ostomy appliance if it starts to leak. Keeping extra supplies around will ensure you are ready for anything and won’t be caught off guard by a sudden leakage issue.

Don’t let your ostomy bag leak — Get the perfect fit every time!

From the wrong size of your sealing system to inadequate change frequency, there are several reasons your ostomy bag may leak. If none of these solutions helped address the issue, then be sure to contact Medical Monks today for further assistance. 

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Edited for content by ADAM PAGE.

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