Zetuvit Plus Non-Border Superabsorbent Dressing

Zetuvit Plus Non-Border Superabsorbent Dressing


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Manufacturer: HARTMANN USA
Brand: Zetuvit Plus
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Designed for treating moderately to heavily exuding wounds, Zetuvit® Plus is a superabsorbent single-use wound care dressing. This combination is ideal for regular, long-term care of injured skin, offers excellent patient comfort and satisfaction, and quickly absorbs and holds onto exudate, even under compression. The dressing can be used with compression wraps or with fixation tapes and bandages.

How it Works
Zetuvit Plus dressings utilize a four-layer construction for optimal performance.

1. Diffusion layer: Once the exudate travels to this layer, it is distributed over a wider area, so it can be absorbed. This step further helps create an ideal healing environment for the wound.
2. Absorbent core: Using a combination of loose cellulose and superabsorbent polymer (SAP), this layer holds onto the exudate, preventing it from leaking out even when used under a compression bandage.
3. Green, water-repellent outer layer: This layer prevents exterior moisture from entering the wound and disrupting the healing process.
4. Semi-permeable backing film: This material lets the skin breathe while still protecting the wound in the shower.


Effective: Zetuvit Plus dressings offer quality absorption and retention performance while maintaining an optimal microclimate. These dressings help avoid leakage and prevent maceration and exudate-related complications.

Versatile: Zetuvit Plus dressings are suitable for a wide range of acute and chronic exuding wounds and provide simple and intuitive application, even in unpredictable scenarios. Can be worn for up to seven days.

Patient-friendly: Combatting odor and leakage, Zetuvit Plus allows for nearly painless dressing changes.

Utilizing comfortable padding, these dressings protect against mechanical shocks with a unique combination of cellulose and SAP and help socially isolated patients regain confidence.


Acute Wounds:
Traumatic wounds, burns and postoperative wounds.

Chronic Wounds:
Venous ulcers, pressure injuries, tumor wounds, and diabetic foot ulcers.

Exudate level:
Moderate to high

The wound dressing cannot be cut to size




Zetuvit Plus

Contains Silver


Includes Border

No Border




Lymphedema, Pressure Ulcers

Dressing Size

4" x 4", 4" x 8", 6" x 8", 8" x 10", 8" x 16"


Each, Box of 10

Billing Supported



A6196, A6197, A6198

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