What is ceramide?

Ceramide is a natural component of human skin. As a cellular element (lipid), it makes up about 50% of the skin’s outer layer. Among its functions is creating a barrier that locks in moisture, promoting elasticity and general skin health. Consequently, it has become a popular component in beauty products that aim to fend off signs of aging.

But Ceramide has more than a cosmetic effect.

Ceramide in ostomy systems

In ostomy care, the focus is always on skin maintenance. It is the main factor that determines quality of life – both physically and mentally – in ostomy patients. Serious damage to the skin around the stoma can be caused by factors like output leakage and improper system changes. When this happens, the patient can enter into a cycle of peristomal skin complications (PSC) that may seem impossible to escape.

While it is possible to recover and heal damaged peristomal skin, avoiding complications altogether is optimal. Ceramide, when incorporated into ostomy barriers and accessories, has been shown to help maintain robust skin and fend off damage.

CeraPlus™ barriers and pouches

Hollister is an innovator when it comes to infusing ceramide into ostomy system adhesive. The CeraPlus™ skin barrier with Remois technology* is setting a new standard for peristomal skin health.

Fit is still the preeminent issue when fighting leakage, which is the main cause of PSC. The CeraPlus™ line offers a variety of shapes and sizes and features for patients to find the right fit, from convexity to precut center holes to tape borders. Adding ceramide-infused adhesive to these already-effective designs results in Hollister’s most skin-friendly system yet.

Because ceramide helps to decrease transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin, the adhesive is effective in helping to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This can contribute not only to maintaining healthy peristomal skin, but also to improving damaged skin.

Adapt CeraRing™ barrier rings

The Adapt CeraRing™ barrier ring with Remois technology* is another case of ceramide improving an already great concept.

The original Adapt barrier rings were designed to provide a custom fit by filling in gaps between the stoma and the inner edge of the ostomy barrier. The pliable material is ideal for molding into the perfect shape for the patient’s stoma, no two of which are alike.

Given that these rings are applied around the edge of the stoma (aka ground zero for PSC issues), it was a natural progression to add ceramide to the formulation to work its magic. So now, in addition to stopping leaks, your barrier rings can help maintain your skin health.

Also, like the original Adapt rings, the CeraRing™ is available in convex and oval convex form in addition to the original flat, round design. This allows for an even more customized fit for folks with flat or inverted stomas.

If you’re concerned…

… about the health of your peristomal skin, be sure to try all of Hollister’s ceramide-infused ostomy products to see what a difference can be made by a little extra moisture in your skin.

*Remois is a technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.


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