Coloplast Partnership Announcement

Medical Monks is elated to announce a new strategic relationship with Coloplast!

From the beginning, it has been our aim to bring customers the very best in medical supplies at industry-low prices. Who could be a better partner in that endeavor than a widely-acknowledged industry leader?

As the inventors of the first adhesive ostomy appliance, Coloplast needs no introduction in the world of disposable medical supplies. Today, they are a key innovator in the fields of ostomy, urology, skin care and wound care.

In recent years, their Sensura Mio and Brava products have brought major progress to the ostomy sector. In addition to their always-groundbreaking ostomy pouches and accessories, Coloplast has paid particular attention to the many ostomates suffering with hernia issues. The advent of the Sensura Mio Convex Flip barrier introduced a star-shaped design which effectively maintains adherence to a hernia bulge. The Brava Ostomy Support Belt, in turn, offers hernia support to a wider swath of ostomates by allowing the customer to cut their own hole in the belt.

Urology has been another high point for Coloplast, with their Speedicath and Conveen Optima series bringing innovative technology to the fields of intermittent and external catheters, respectively. This has also extended to urinary collection devices, with, for example, the Conveen Active Leg Bag offering unparalleled mobility and discretion to those who wear all-day drainage devices.

With further innovations in the skin care (Sween®, Critic-Aid®, Bedside-Care®, Baza®) and wound care (Biatain®, InterDry®, Triad®) segments, Coloplast has continually proven itself to be an elite leader in the medical supply field. 

Medical Monks is thrilled to offer these cutting-edge products with our signature compassionate service. With Coloplast on board, more than ever, your care is our highest calling. 

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