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Mepilex Border Has Been Discontinued. Meet Mepilex Border Flex.

Mölnlycke’s Mepilex Border has long been an industry leader in the field of advanced wound care. Among bordered silicone foam dressings, Mepilex is more than a brand name. It has become synonymous with the product itself, like Kleenex or Band-Aid. 

It follows that consumers have become pretty used to the classic Mepilex Border, and its sister product, Mepilex Border Lite. And yet, as day must turn to night, all good things must come to an end. Read on to learn about the exciting changes taking place in the world of Mepilex.

Is Mepilex Border Discontinued?

In a word: yes… but with some exceptions. If you are using the Mepilex Border Ag, the Border Post-Op, the Sacral or the Heel dressings, nothing will change. The classic square/rectangle Border and Border Lite are the items affected here. 

But classic Border users should not panic. Mepilex Border is being replaced by the Mepilex Border Flex line, which includes the standard Border Flex, the Mepilex Border Flex Lite and the Mepilex Border Flex Oval.  These dressings are very similar to their discontinued counterparts, with a few key improvements, one of which is an updated five-layer design: 


Image showing the layers of the mepilex pad

Is Mepilex Border Flex Different from Regular Mepilex Border?

It is, but only on the inside. On a practical level, the average Mepilex user will notice no change in appearance or application. They should expect improved results, however, given the internal upgrades of the Border Flex and Border Flex Lite.

The biggest upgrade is Mölnlycke’s proprietary Flex Technology. This provides a more secure fit by allowing the dressing to move in every direction, reducing skin stress and increasing comfort. The Border Flex also has the excellent fluid management you’ve come to expect from Mepilex. The five-layer design absorbs, channels and traps exudate with aplomb.  

The Border Flex, like all Mepilex dressings, also employs Safetac® Technology. This means less pain and skin trauma during changes. It can also aid in the prevention of pressure injuries when used as part of a prevention protocol:


Where Can I Get Mepilex Border Flex?

At Medical Monks of course! You can shop the entire Mepilex Border Flex line of products here

If you have any questions or concerns about this product transition, or any other product on our site, please contact us via phone or chat Monday to Friday 8am-7pm eastern, or via email any time at [email protected]

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