So Fresh, So Clean: Six Products to Help with Patient Hygiene

When a patient is unable to move, or experiences severe pain when doing so, attention to bathing, moisturizing and other elements of bedside care are important to guarding against skin breakdown and infection. Personal hygiene encompasses caring for the hair, skin, nails, mouth, eyes, ears, face, and nose, as well as the perineal area.

A good hygiene regimen aims to maintain skin quality and decrease the risk of infection or pressure injury. Perhaps most importantly, keeping up with personal hygiene can have a broad-reaching, positive effect on self-esteem and quality of life.

Consequently, a lack of attention to hygiene for immobile or bedridden patients can complicate their existing condition, physically and mentally. If you are in a caretaking role, it is especially important to understand proper care technique, and to learn more about products that can aid in the hygiene process.

Bathing and Personal Hygiene for Bedridden Patients

Many of us take for granted being able to step into a shower or tub and use a soap or washcloth that doesn’t irritate our skin. Being temporarily or permanently immobile complicates this process, as well as many other steps for maintaining skin health.

Because of this, strategies to bathe bedridden patients involve using as little movement as possible, taking steps to inspect skin quality, and incorporating no-rinse products to remove bodily fluids without irritating the skin.

During each bathing session, it is recommended that you:

  • Inspect the skin for signs of redness, sores, ulcers or damage, paying particular attention to folds.
  • Use disposable products, such as one-time-use washcloths and sponges. They’re less likely to accumulate microorganisms and so help reduce a patient’s risk of infection. This extends to body wash and any bowls used for a sponge bath. 
  • Use a pH-balanced no-rinse shampoo and cleanser to remove bodily fluids, lock in moisture and preserve skin integrity. 
  • Follow washing with a moisturizing cream or similar solution to guard against skin dryness and infections. 

Personal Hygiene Product Recommendations

Help preserve skin health with the following products designed to assist with bathing immobile and bedridden patients:


Bedside-Care EasiCleanse Bath No-Rinse Disposable Washcloths

This pH-balanced, self-sudsing, no-rinse disposable washcloth helps with bathing and shampooing bedridden patients and assists with incontinence care. The cloths contain an alcohol-free solution that won’t irritate or dry out sensitive, delicate skin. Available in a five-pack for single-bath convenience, or a 30 pack for best value. Clean everywhere, including hair, no rinse required! Simply saturate with water – simple as that!




Bedside-Care Spray No-Rinse Cleanser

This pH-balanced, alcohol-free, no-rinse cleanser formulated with 0.1% benzethonium chloride requires no water to help remove bodily fluids and control bacteria. This version comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application. Available in scented and unscented versions. 




Bedside-Care No-Rinse Foam Body Wash, Shampoo, and Incontinence Cleanser

This is a no-rinse, all-in-one foaming solution that can be used as a body wash, shampoo and incontinence cleanser. Easy to administer and apply, this pH-balanced foam cleanser provides full-body care without the use of a shower or bathtub. Like the spray, it is available as scented and unscented.




Bedside-Care Gentle Touch Cloth

These dry, disposable washcloths are made with rayon, for softness and absorbency, and polyester, for strength and tear resistance. Bedside-Care gentle touch cloths are the perfect touch-up product. They can be used in conjunction with the Bedside-Care spray and/or foam, or can be used to dry up after cleansing.




Sween 24 Once A Day Cream

This rich body cream is a perfect moisturizer to cap off your hygiene regimen. Sween 24 is formulated with dimethicone to sooth dry, chapped, or chafed skin or lips for up to 24 hours. As both a moisturizer and skin protectant, Sween 24 is free of lanolin and irritating fragrances and is designed to be applied once per day for effective hydration and temporary relief.




InterDry Moisture Wicking Fabric with Antimicrobial Silver

This moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric dressing formulated with silver is designed to be applied to skin folds and other areas with regular skin-to-skin contact. The dressing wicks and translocates moisture, reduces friction and fights both bacteria and fungus. Additionally, it manages the symptoms such as erythema, painful rash, denudement, satellite lesions an odor.



EasiCleanse, Bedside-Care Sween Cream and InterDry are registered trademarks of Coloplast A/S.

Refer to product labeling for complete instructions including products uses, ingredients, purpose, warnings, precautions, and other information.

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