Sealed with the Confidence of Ceramide

Innovation has reached the next level, with the introduction of Adapt CeraRing™. Infused with Ceramide – a natural component of the skin – Adapt CeraRing™ is designed to support healthy skin around the stoma. Infused with ceramides to help prevent water loss that may lead to damage and dryness.

Shop CeraRing™ by Style

Hollister understands that no two people or stomas are alike — and that barrier rings may help ensure a good fit, important to reducing leakage. Whether you choose flat or convex, slim or regular, round or oval—Adapt barrier rings:

• Are designed to be stretched or shaped or cut into pieces to use as a filler in uneven areas

• Help prevent stoma output from getting under the pouch seal, which may reduce leakage and skin irritation

• Can be cut or stacked together to improve the fit of the pouching system

• Are alcohol free, so there is no sting from alcohol when applied to broken or irritated skin

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