The Top 5 Ostomy Supplies for Swimming

When people live with an ostomy, engaging in sports may initially be intimidating. Between managing your lifestyle and medical needs, it can all seem overwhelming. However, having an ostomy doesn’t mean missing out on fun activities like swimming! Fortunately, ostomy bags and accessories can give you better support and security while swimming since they’re designed to prevent leaks while giving you the best all-around experience.

Whether you’re participating in synchronized swimming or want to splash around in the waves, don’t forget to choose the best stoma bag for swimming to bring you peace of mind. Fortunately, the five pouching systems and accessories below are great options from well-known brands. Their unique features make them an ideal choice for any water activity.

Top 5 Best Stoma Bags & Accessories for Swimming

Can you get waterproof stoma bags? The answer is (basically) yes because most modern pouches are designed to be almost completely water resistant. That means if secured properly, in almost all cases water will not seep into the bag. However, it’s worth noting that some of these systems can be susceptible to leaks at their connection points, which can be an issue when submerged in water.

With that said, below are five reliable stoma bags and accessories that will give you a great time at the pool or beach with confidence:

1. Sensura Mio 1-Piece Closed Pouches

This one-piece stoma bag isn’t drainable, and you can’t remove the pouch from the barrier. In most situations this isn’t ideal, but this lack of connection and drainage points is the precise reason ostomates use it specifically for swimming.

In fact, Sensura Mio 1-Piece Closed Pouches are ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle. While swimming, you won’t have to worry about it breaking its seal and leaking out. There are fewer points where leakage can occur, making it a safe choice while in the water.

Main highlights of Sensura Mio 1-Piece Closed Pouches:

  • Elastic adhesive for a secure fit for various body shapes
  • Reduces ballooning with the full-circle filter
  • Adaptive convex for stability and flexibility
  • Neutral gray color for a discrete look

2. Vitus Ostomy Crescent Barrier Extensions

The Vitus Ostomy Crescent Barrier Extensions are a kind of barrier strip with a curved design that can prevent the barrier edges from lifting, so it can give extra protection while you’re in the water. Furthermore, it keeps your pouch secure while you move around, which is ideal for naturally active individuals.

Main highlights of the Vitus Ostomy Crescent Barrier Extensions:

  • Curved barrier design prevents edges from lifting
  • Formulated with Hydrocolloid for extra protection
  • Soft and moldable
  • It doesn’t contain latex and is gentle on the skin
  • Water-resistant

3. Mastisol Liquid Medical Adhesive Spray

This liquid medical adhesive is used to secure dressings, tapes, and ostomy bags over an extended period. It can reduce the likelihood of pouch displacement or dislodgement, giving you peace of mind while swimming.

Its lasting occlusive barrier also minimizes any device-related infection or skin problems. It’s clear, non-irritating, and non-water soluble as well. With Mastisol Liquid Medical Adhesive Spray, you can securely indulge in various water activities or sports.

Main highlights of Mastisol Liquid Medical Adhesive Spray:

  • Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) compatible
  • Low risk of adverse reactions
  • It doesn’t contain latex
  • Improves the adhesive capabilities of ostomy bags, dressings, and tapes

4. Adapt CeraRing Barrier Ring

An innovative product from Hollister, Adapt CeraRing is an accessory placed around your stoma before putting the bag on. It can help contain leakage, preventing blow out.

It’s formulated with Ceramide, a natural component of the skin. As a result, you can experience healthier skin even when you’re wearing it for extended periods. It also helps prevent water loss to avoid dryness and damage to your skin.

Main highlights of Adapt CeraRing:

  • Can be stretched or cut into pieces
  • It prevents stoma output from getting under the seal
  • Can be stacked together to improve the fit
  • Alcohol-free and doesn’t sting for those with broken skin

5. Brava Ostomy Support Belt

The Brava Ostomy Support Belt is an accessory providing better support to post-op hernias and outward-curved abdominal areas, as it can hold up a pouching system well. It’s flexible and breathable fabric for better air circulation, preventing skin irritation.

Even though it’s primarily designed for hernias, it’s also suitable to secure your ostomy pouch while swimming. Plus, it’s adjustable and comfortable, giving you a more secure feeling while doing some laps.

Main highlights of the Brava Ostomy Support Belt:

  • Snug and closed fit
  • Highly-adjustable
  • Made of stretchy fabric
  • Silicone grips help the belt stay in place

How to Choose the Right Ostomy Bag for Swimming?

Choosing the best ostomy bag for swimming and its accompanying accessories is essential to ensure you have a great time without worrying about leaks or a displaced bag. All ostomy bags are water-resistant, but you must consider using the right supplies for long-term water exposure.

When looking for a suitable pouch and accessory, here are some factors to consider:

  • The type of stoma
  • Body type
  • Stoma construction
  • Concealment
  • Daily activities
  • Preference

These factors will help you determine the best ostomy supplies for you. If you’re having difficulty finding the right one, the five options listed above will give you a head start. With the different features available, you will find a suitable pouch and accessory for swimming in no time.

Swim with Confidence & Without Worry with the Best Ostomy Pouches

Swimming is a fun activity everybody should enjoy, even if you live with a stoma. The only answer is to pick a suitable stoma pouch. Even though living with one can be challenging with an active lifestyle, you shouldn’t let it stop you from doing what you love.

If you’re looking for quality ostomy supplies, Medical Monks has several recommendations for you to choose from, including the five listed above. These products will help you get more comfortable in the water while swimming.

The MEDICAL MONKS STAFF brings to the table decades of combined knowledge and experience in the medical products industry.

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